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Do you want to start a new hobby in photography? Did you just buy a DSLR camera? Or, have you had a DSLR camera for some time now, but you want to know more? Maybe you even tried your hand at photography, but want to deepen your knowledge on the topic and take better pictures? If so, then this book can help you! Photography his one of the most popular hobbies out there, but also one that takes expertise and the right forms of education to do it well. Furthermore, photography with a DSLR camera is even more complex, with more options and even more opportunity! With your DSLR and an eagerness to make photography your next hobby, you have so many opportunities for amazing pictures and lots of fun taking them! However, adding photography to your list of hobbies and getting that perfect shot can, at the beginning, seem overwhelming and frustrating. There are so many things to consider! Lighting, the settings on your camera, the correct focus and the right framing techniques. Furthermore, there are just so many options on a DSLR camera that you might not know where to begin! That's okay! This book is written with your worries as best interested in mind! This book will not only educate you on how to use a DSLR camera and take the very best pictures you can but also relive any stress you may be feeling about the topic! This book includes: -An introduction to DSLR cameras and a simple explanation to what they are -Information on the different settings of a DSLR camera and how they work -Information on how lighting affects your our pictures and camera -Helpful suggestions for focusing your camera on how this will impact your pictures -Different framing techniques -Information on different types of pictures (such as landscape, portrait, etc.) and how to go about getting the best shot of each different type -Tips and tricks along the way to make your pictures the very best they can be!

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